Guidance and Counseling

The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA Guidance and Counseling Services Office is to promote and enhance student success through leadership, guidance, counseling, advocacy, and collaboration with parents, teachers, administrators and community partners.

Markers of student success include academic achievement, positive behavior, career/college readiness and resiliency.

The Guidance Center consists of the following services:



1. your intellectual capacity
2. your various skills and aptitudes
3. your interests, preferences
4. your attitudes and values
5. your temperament and personality

Career and Placement

1. University policies
2. Job opportunities
3. Other school

Research and Evaluation


Peer Facilitator Society

We train students to act as junior counselors to help us reach out further to all of the studentry. Listening is what we assure each individuals

Student Life
Contact Information
Student Personnel Services
(02) 871- 0639 local 160

Supreme Student Council
(02) 871 0639 local 199

The Perpetualite
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