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Community Study Grant Program

President Dr Antonio Tamayo Scholarship program
Conceptualized by the University President is a program that would bring education within the reach of deserving children of selected families of Las Piñas City. This program is open to the following beneficiary organizations:

This Study grant is renewable on a semester-to-semester basis provided the applicant meets the criteria set by the committee.

Alta Scholarship For Athletics

altas-sports-athletics-scholarship program
Scholarship given to varsity players and athletes of the NCAA. Percentage discount is recommended by the Coach and deliberated upon by the Committee.

Co-Curricular Scholarship

student-leadership-Co-Curricular scholarship
Scholarship awarded to officers / members of certain co-curricular organization. Percentage discount is recommended by the Organization Adviser and deliberated upon by the Committee.

*Student must not have any failing grade or incomplete in any subject (academic or non-academic).

Entrance Scholarships

Full Scholarship - High School Valedictorian from classes not less than 40 students can be recipients of 100% scholarships on tuition fees.

A certification from the school duly signed by the Principal bearing the school seal and specifying the total number of graduates should be presented by the enrollee to the Dean to be able to avail of the scholarship.

scholarship program policy
Scholarship Policies
Scholarship is not a right but a privilege given to deserving and qualified students. It is based on the beneficence of the University and upon the scholastic and economic conditions of the beneficiary. It is given on a semester to semester basis and may be discontinued and/or modified depending on the discretion and ability of the University to sustain such scholarship grant.
  • carry a regular load during the term of his enrolment preceding the grant of scholarship;
  • maintain the required weighted average of at least 85% or 2.25.
  • obtain no grade below 85% or 2.25 in any subject; and
  • not have committed an offense or infraction in violation of law or any pertinent rule or regulation of the University or of the government.

Limit of Scholarship
Scholarship programs of different kinds, types and/or limits are available to deserving and qualified students of the University. These include:
  1. Entrance Scholarship (for board courses only)

  2. A student-nominee should submit a certification duly signed by the High School Principal and should bear the school’s seal and total number of graduates. This should be presented by the enrollee to the Dean for evaluation and recommendation.

  3. Internal Scholarships: are provided for those who may qualify in the Dean’s List for Degree Courses.