Reasons to choose Perpetual top University philippines

Why Perpetual?

University of Perpetual Help System Dalta (UPHSD) has been providing quality education for more than 40 years. We nurture students to become accomplished professionals who get employed not only in the Philippines but also abroad. We focus on the total development of our students, beginning with character building to mastery of skills, thus enable our graduates to get ahead in their careers.

Quality Education Program

We ensure high quality education to make students more competent. Our experience in the past forty years have allowed us to develop a comprehensive curriculum that allows students to understand and master the subject matter fully, enriching their learning experience.

We own and maintain a tertiary teaching and training hospital where students learn and acquire skills required by their healthcare professions. Our students are surrounded in an environment that encourages proficiency in their chosen field, whether it is in the Medical Field, Hospitality Industry, Law, Aviation, Education, Criminology, etc. This immersion in a workplace environment creates graduates that are mentally and emotionally ready to face the challenging demands of the real world.

As a result, the school boasts of board topnotchers and graduates that excel in their chosen careers. Every year, a UPH graduate emerges at the top ten of certified board exams. We work hand in hand with our students to ensure that they learn for understanding, from the classroom to the review session, and this is clearly reflected after they graduate.

Highly Competent & Caring Faculty and Administrators

From Justices to former Coast Guard Commandant, our faculty is a diverse group of educators, professors, industry professionals, and prominent personalities in the country.

They are not just teachers but they are also friends, consultants, advisors, and mentors who nurture students to develop their full potential.

Theoretical knowledge and applied training are delicately balanced thus providing a holistic approach to learning.

Modern Equipment & Facilities

The university continually updates its modern facilities and equipment to prepare students with the required skills for evolving industry needs.

Maritime students train using a full-mission bridge simulator. The impressive CIHM building and its facilities are designed specifically to simulate realistic HRM and Tourism settings.

Local and International Affiliations

USA OJT Practicum Abroad College IHm Tourism
The University has established local and international linkages with prestigious institutions to further enhance the skills, competencies, and professional network of our globally competitive students to help them jumpstart their careers here and abroad.

Perpetual News:

Convenient Location

Our campuses in Las Piñas, Molino, and Calamba are strategically located along major thoroughfares in their respective cities.

It is accessible via all types of transportation, and its location in the south of Metro Manila makes it a more convenient destination for students, parents, and faculty alike, maximizing the use of their time, energy, and resources for more productive activities.

Vibrant Social Community

The campus allows for an individual to fully develop his potential. There are several school organizations created that address a varied range of interests.

This provides balance in a student’s life that makes their campus life more interesting. Our involvement in sports such as the NCAA provides the student a sense of pride and identity in the athletic community.

Contact Information
Las Piñas Campus
(02) 871- 0639 loc. 103
Direct line : (632) 872 - 7041

Grade School & High School

(02) 871 0639 local 172

Molino Campus
(046) 477 - 0602

Calamba Campus
(049) 576-6584