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Do you enjoy building things? Do you like fixing problems with your hands? Do you want a high paying and rewarding career in just two years of study? If you’re ready for a career that makes a real impact, then a technical vocational training is a perfect start!

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Dr. Arnulfo R. Dones
Head, TVET Department

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The Vocational Technology Department offers an exciting mix of practical experiential learning and classroom instructions in our modular courses and find which one is best for you. All our courses comply with TESDA’s training regulations and cover the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). The modules focus on the basic, common, and core competencies in accordance with industry standards. The student will obtain a National Certificate Level II (NC-2) upon completion of each course.

The Vocational Technology Department has TESDA accredited instructors who are holders of National Certificate Level II (NC-2), Assessment Methodology - Training Methodology (AM-TM) Certificate, Assessors Qualification – Trainers Qualification (AQ-TQ) Certificate, National TVET Trainers Certificate (NTTC), and Assessors Certificate.

Programs Offered

Automotive Servicing

Automotive Servicing (NCI)
The Automotive Servicing course prepares you for a career where you can get your hands dirty and get paid for it, too! This course is a great jump off point so you can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to service cars and trucks like a pro. Learn the fundamentals of auto servicing such as perform gas and diesel tune up, service automotive battery, service ignition system, test and repair wiring/ lighting system,and perform under chassis preventive maintenance.

Automotive Servicing (NCII and NCIII)
The Automotive Servicing NCII and NCIII let you learn beyond the basics. On top of the Automotive Servicing NCI core subjects, you will develop specialized competencies such as perform shop maintenance, repair charging and starting system, service engine mechanical system, service and repair clutch system, service and repair differential and front axle, service steering system, overhaul manual transmission, service brake system, and repair suspension system.

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Electronics and Computer Servicing

Consumer Electronics Servicing (NCII)
A knowledge of electronics can take you to many places, and will allow you to find work whereever electronic devices are used - or misused, as you will learn core competencies such as assembling and disassembling consumer electronic products and systems, maintaining and repairing audio-video products and systems, servicing and repairing electronically-controlled domestic appliances, and mobile phones. Hands-on training provides you with exposure to current industry techniques and equipment.

Computer Hardware Servicing (NCII)
Would you like to convert your interest in computer technology into a high demand career skill? The Computer Hardware Servicing course will prepare you on how to deal with problems you may encounter when servicing Personal Computers. Get in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of computer hardware necessary for troubleshooting a variety of hardware, software, and network system problems. Graduates of this program can find job opportunities in computer repair service centers, electronics companies, computer-related manufacturing operations, computer sales and services, and eventually, their own computer servicing businesses.

Electrical – Refrigeration and Aircon Servicing

Electrical Installation and Maintenance (NC-II)
Increase your earning potential and marketability by becoming an Electrical Installation and Maintenance Technician. Learn the operational skills in installing and maintaining electrical wiring, lighting and related equipment/systems in residential houses and buildings where the voltage does not exceed 600 volts.

Refrigeration and Air - conditioning (NCII)
Get the competitive edge through formal training and hands-on experiences in our Refrigeration and Air-conditioning course. Develop operational skills such as installing, servicing, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing Package-Type Air-conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration units.


Welding is a dynamic industry with a big future. Many opportunities are available for skilled welders as there is a large shortage of capable welders here and abroad. At the TVET Department, you can earn certifications on different types of TESDA-registered arc welding courses to increase your expertise, versatility, and employability. Through hands-on training with our competent instructors, passing TESDA certifications are as easy as ABC!

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