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Learning to fly can be one of life’s most exhilarating experience. The freedom of flying in three dimensions is not only exciting but can lead to a lucrative career, excellent benefits, and rich travel opportunities here and abroad.

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School of Aviation Dean
MGEN (RET) Lino HE Lapinid
VP for Aviation Affairs

(02) 403-5194
874-0171 loc. 191

At the School of Aviation, we teach the science, the practice, and the business of aviation and avionics. We prepare students to become qualified airmen to assume leading roles particularly in the areas of aircraft research, development, manufacturing, maintenance, operation, and aviation education through comprehensive training, modern facilities, and highly qualified faculty.

Our training courses comply with all the requirements laid down by the Air Transportation Office of the Philippines, International Engineering and Technological Standards Regulations in Aviation, and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

The School of Aviation has first rate equipment and facilities such as Sheet Metal Laboratory, Hydraulic Landing Gear System Trainer, Ice and Rain Protection Trainer, Cabin Atmosphere Control and Pressurization System, Dual-Turbine Electrical System, and Engine Run-Up Stand, and FLY-IT Flight Simulator Trainer which are used by extensively experienced licensed aviation faculty to teach aspiring aeronautical engineers, aircraft maintenance professionals, and plane technicians the knowledge and proficiency needed to excel in the world of aviation.

Programs Offered

Mission, Vision, Objectives and Facilities

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Career Opportunities

B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering (BSAE)

Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT) and
Aviation Electronics Technology (AET) / Avionics