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College of International Hospitality Management & Tourism

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Launch your career in the exciting field of hospitality management or tourism. Earn your degree in Hospitality Management or Tourism, and be a successful hotelier and restaurateur in hospitality establishments, food service companies, and even in large multinational hotels here and abroad!

The increased disposable income of many people these days, coupled with highly accessible air travel, has led the service industries to rapid expansion that is likely to continue for many years to come. Explore myriad career opportunities in Hospitality and Tourism. Prepare yourself through quality education from the College of International Hospitality Management and Tourism.

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Ms. Evelyn Antiporda
Dean, College of IHM/Tourism
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The College of International Hospitality Management and Tourism educates the next generation of leaders and managers for the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic industry.

The impressive CIHM building provides an ideal learning environment through modern facilities to allow students in honing their skills and knowledge in a realistic setting. Our curriculum is further strengthened through collaboration with industry leaders supported by our caring and nurturing faculty members who are equipped with extensive local and international industry experience giving students a perfect blend of theoretical and practical experiences.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

The Hotel and Restaurant Management program provides the skills, concepts and principle specializing in hospitality training. It involves practical and managerial knowledge and function such as hospitality education, hotel and restaurant operations, customer relations, marketing strategies, financial management, as well as food service, culinary arts, commercial food preparation, and beverages operations that are essential in preparing the students for a wide range of careers in the international hospitality industry.

We have produced hospitality professionals with careers in hotel and restaurant operations, food services, theme parks, attractions, and other tourism industry establishments in the Philippines and in many top foreign destinations.

Also offers Associate in Hotel Restaurant Management (2 years).

Bachelor of Science in Tourism

top School College-of-Tourism PhilippinesThe Bachelor of Science in Tourism is designed for students to pursue a challenging and exciting career in the travel industry with tremendous possibilities and potentials. Discover promising careers in ecotourism, cultural tourism, sport tourism, heritage tourism, and even indigenous tourism!

This four-year degree provides a solid foundation for the management of tourism businesses. Learn about the tourism industry, relevant marketing and management studies, and intensive on and off campus training. A combination of theoretical and applied learning prepares students to get ahead in the field of tourism armed with strong academic and practical educational experience.

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