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Charting new horizons to explore, to collaborate, and to influence trends, technology, and policies…that’s what the College of Arts and Sciences is about. We are training the mind, the heart, and the hand of tomorrow’s leaders through excellence in areas of studies that are divergent, rigorous, and evolving.

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Dr. Josefina Gonzalez San Miguel, Ph,D.
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

(02) 871-0639 loc 113

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the multidimensionality of human intelligence and aspires to educate future liberal arts practitioners who can communicate effectively, think critically, act creatively, and uphold Christian faith and values.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

Communication is an evolving field of study that probe the social, political, and cultural purpose of communication as it happens in various settings ranging from interpersonal interaction to traditional media to emerging media.

The Department of Communication prepares students to grasp and harness the power of strategic communication in the personal, professional, and public domains. The rigorous Bachelor of Arts curriculum integrates the mastery of radio, television, print media, as well as various technologies through which information is transmitted. The new communication laboratory boasts of modern equipment such as Sony PMW-EXIR camcorders, Sony Anycast Video Switcher, Autoscript teleprompter, and non-linear editing system (MacPro 8-Core –powered by Apple Final Cut Studio). In addition, we also produce a daily news program for Ride TV entitled "News Cruise". Small class sizes allow our students to work closely with our competent faculty in a conducive collegial environment.

Extensive Training. Competent Faculty. Caring Staff. Modern Facilities. Creative Learning Community. This is the essence of the Department of Communication as it aims to to nurture skillful professionals in print, broadcast journalism, public relations, and other related industries.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Would you like to pursue a career in public office? Or perhaps gain a formidable foundation in the legal profession? Are you curious to know more about the relationship among and between science, technology, and public policy? Do you care about problems of poverty, hunger, and unemployment in many regions in the world and particularly concerned to its implications in a global village?

You may specifically be interested in analyzing events that led to EDSA revolution I and its omnipresent impact in Philippine politics which stretch as far as EDSA II and III including the recently concluded impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

If you enjoy seeking answers to questions like these, political science is the best academic program that can equip you to respond to these seemingly infinite queries in human society. Our degree program delves from fundamental to comprehensive inquiry of multi-dimensional dynamics of politics. It goes beyond beyond political theory and conventional wisdom to practical and critical analysis of emerging problems in modern societies.

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science provides a broad liberal arts education while focusing on Philippine politics, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. The comprehensive curriculum features a solid academic study in political science, an exploration of related topics relevant to the field, and motivation for independent discovery and growth. Students attend and participate in conferences, lectures, seminars, debates, and other college events. Our highly qualified faculty strives to ensure that our students will develop an understanding of the basic concepts of the various theories and methodologies and educate them for active citizenship by making them vigilant and keen observers of the Philippine government and other political systems.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The College of Arts and Sciences’ Psychology program encompasses a broad spectrum of integrated disciplines focused on understanding the complexities of human behavior through academic study and research.

The curriculum teaches the basic groundwork of psychology while including the related aspects of social and health sciences as well as analysis and interpretation of data aimed to develop the interest and knowledge of students in the general study of psychology. Students engage in various research opportunities and specialized projects where they participate as volunteers, participants, and researchers.

Our faculty and staff interact and work closely with students inside and outside the classroom fostering an environment of friendly relationships within a collegial community.

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