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The Perpetual Calamba College of Engineering is geared towards the development of well-rounded engineers who are capable to meet the changing demands of industry and who are committed to the proper utilization of the nation's patrimony.

Philip P. Ermita , PIE Meng-IE, ASEAN Engr.
Dean, College of Engineering & Architecture - Calamba

College of Engineering & Architecture

Do you want a prestigious high paying job right after graduation? Do you like to immerse yourself in top-of-the line technology? Do you prefer to have a variety of career options? Do you enjoy math and science? Then Engineering and Architecture are your best choices!

The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA College of Engineering & Architecture is home to high-quality undergraduate programs in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Architecture.

The College of Engineering & Architecture strives for excellence in education through continuous improvement of its comprehensive curricula, outstanding faculty, close faculty-student supervision and collaboration, substantial laboratory experiences, modern facilities, and small class sizes to produce well-rounded graduates equipped to pass national licensing examinations and enter the engineering and architecture profession, related fields, and graduate programs as highly skilled professionals capable of critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication, innovation, leadership, and civic contributions to society.

Mission Statement
The UPHSD College of Engineering and Architecture is geared towards the development of well-rounded engineers and architects who are capable to meet the changing demands of industry and who are committed to the proper utilization of the nation’s patrimony.

Architecture Program

The Architecture program being offered by the UPHSD-Department of Architecture is a five-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture major in Design and with specialization on Sustainable Architecture.

The Architecture program of the department is divided into two levels namely, Pre-Architecture and Architecture Proper. The Pre-architecture comprises the first 2 years of the program and is composed mainly of studio subjects in basic drawing and design, general education, theology, and the mandated physical education and National Service Training Program (NSTP) subjects. The Architecture Proper includes the years 3 through 5 of the Architecture program, which is composed of professional and studio subjects in Architecture and design, specialization, computer subjects, humanities, natural and social sciences, and general education subjects.

Students accepted in the Pre-architecture level are guaranteed admission to year 3 of the Architecture Program, provided they maintain an Overall General Weighted Average (GWA) of 82% during their first two years and pass the department’s Qualifying Examination given at the end of the second year term. Students who receive an overall GWA below the required 82% and/or fail in the department’s Qualifying Examination may still be allowed to enroll on “Academic Probation” in the Architecture Proper but only in subjects authorized by the Department Head of Architecture.

Admission for Pre-Architecture Program

The admission process for the pre-architecture level is governed by the provisions stipulated in the Article 2-3 of the UPHSD Student Handbook. Just kindly refer to the said provision for details.

Admission for Architecture Proper Program

Requirements to be completed for acceptance into the Architecture Proper Program (years 3 through 5) includes:
1. Completion of design studio subjects AR 111, 121, 211, and 221;
2. Completion of basic drawing studio subjects AR 112, 122, 113, 123, and 213;
3. Completion of basic architecture/art subjects AR 214, 224, and 225;
4. Completion of basic building construction subjects AE 212, and 222;
5. Completion of mathematics subjects Math 113, 133, 123, 142, and 214;
6. Completion of required General Education subjects: English and Filipino;
7. Completion of Physics 214 and 224;
8. Completion of AE 223;
9. Completion of FCL 112, 122, 212, 222 and mandated Physical Education and NSTP subjects;
10. A minimum General Weighted Average of 82% in all subjects excluding FCL, P.E., and NSTP;
11. A “passing” result in the Qualifying Examination

It is recommended that students should complete all the requirements stated above before applying for admission into the Architecture Proper program. In the case where a student incurred a deficiency in any of the items from 1 to 8, Architecture Proper subjects wherein said deficiency is a pre-requisite, cannot be taken. In the case where a student fails to meet items 10 and/or 11, the student may still be allowed to enroll on “academic probation” in subjects authorized by the Head of the Architecture Department.