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The Business High School Program is an innovative program designed to provide high school (Grade 7 to Grade 12) students with the foundation skills in business and leadership principles.

Business High School

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In Business High School, students learn about business, entrepreneurship, management, and leadership principles in addition to studying the prescribed high school curriculum of the Department of Education.

This innovative program, which began 30 years ago, is the brainchild of the Chief Executive Officer, Dr./Brig. Gen. Antonio L. Tamayo, who thought of reinventing the high school curriculum to be responsive to the call of times in developing self-sufficient and self-reliant high school students of UPHSD, thus making them catalysts of change. The Business High School model, which is similar to the K-12 program, was already being practiced in Perpetual Help even before it became a national prerogative.

The academic offerings of the business high school is supported by several worthwhile activities such as Go Negosyo Exposure, Personality Development Seminar with Teens on the Ramp, Mini-Business Program and Off-campus Go Bazaar among others to complete a competency-based entrepreneurship education curriculum useful for any course or career in the future.

Grades 11 and 12 classes mirror the university experience to provide students with a fluid transition into college life while at the same time, students gain relevant business training should they choose to enter the world of work after 12 years of basic education.

Whether the student plans to become a doctor, a lawyer, an Engineer, or a Criminologist, he or she will benefit from business high school’s strong formative and comprehensive general education with its distinct business literacy programs.

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